Monday, 17 September 2012

The Curious Case of Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Say Hola to Miriam's and my batch of cupcakes! Aren't they so cute? Or que kookeeeee... I'm not sure how you spell it but that's what the cool kids say in Spanish.

The recipe can be found here.

If you clicked on the recipe, you may notice a few oddities. Or at least oddities from my previous cooking experiences.

Firstly, you're thinking,

"Your cupcakes don't look anything like the ones in the photo, yours are waaaaay cuter!"

Well, thank you.

Secondly, the website is called Horno y Adorno. Which you might think means something about adornments turning you on. This is semi true.

Thirdly, the whole website is in Spanish. No, my supernatural linguistic capabilities have not yet endowed me the gift of Español. I had to rely on Miriam's culinary direction. 

Dubious thoughts crossed my mind when instead of butter or margarine, this recipe called for olive oil
One yoghurt pot full infact.
Followed by 3 yoghurt pots of flour and one yoghurt pot of sugar.

Yes, the ingredients were measured in yoghurt pots. Not too dissimilar to the American concept of cups I guess but how ingenious to use the empty container of one of the ingredients to measure the rest. 

After all the ingredients were put in to one bowl, so no need to mix the butter and sugar first, the whole lot was blended using a hand blender. The same kind you would use to make soup. 

I had no idea how these cupcakes/muffins were going to turn out. I was trying to hypothesise all the different scientific reasons why you can't mix cake batter using a blender (otherwise Delia Smith would do it, wouldn't she?) but I had to let go of the inner control freak and go with the flow. 

The cakes by the way are delicious. Not just cute, the chocolate frosting with Barbie Princess sprinkles make the cake. 

I love baking!

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