Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day One - Seville - First Impressions

Unedited photo

When you first step off the plane, you're greeted by the warm hug of the Sevillian climate. Just in time for the sunset to make you feel like you've walked in to a sentimetal romance novel.

The journey to the hostel was simple enough. I followed the signs to the bus stop and waited in the longest queue ever to get on the airport bus. I was lucky enough to be one of the first on the bus (I didn't manage to get on the previous one) because not only did I have space on the rack for my mega suitcase, I also managed to bag myself a seat!

I got off the bus at the last stop and walked to the hostel following the map I had printed back at home. Man, I wish I would've just taken the bus as was recommended by the hostel. Two heavy bags on cobbled streets? Nightmare. However, it added to the relief when I finally found the hostel.

The place I'm staying is called The Garden Backpacker. The staff have been wonderfully friendly so far, showing me where to go and helping me with my bags. The air conditioning was greatly appreciated after lugging my bags there!

They have activities organised and the whole atmosphere is very sociable. But being the good girl that I am, I decided against the pub crawl and instead went for dinner in a restuarant nearby recommended by the hostel staff.

It was a very rustic restuarant, keeping its traditional interior. The menu was confusing but there was a lot of fish. I didn't know how to ask any questions so I went for the easiest thing: Eggs with ham, pepper, cod and mushroom.  I figured it would be an omelette.
What I got was this:

It's kinda cool when you think you've ordered something boring and you get something different. Ham is actually some sort of dried/cured meat and the rest is as you see it. Needless to say, it was delicious and even though I was stuffed after, I couldn't help but let curiosity win and try the "homemade flan with pumpkin shreds".

My gosh.
It was delicioso!! I was dubious at first, but that goop on the side is ambrosia. The flan had a very thick consistency and was a little sour, and it complimented the pumpkin perfectly!

On the way home, I passed an old disused church, but that wasn't the creepiest building. No, that superlative goes to an old house on the way back to the hostel where the windows were broken and semi boarded up. You could still partly see inside, but you could tell it was dusty and distraught. There was even a picture of what I first thought was a witch's face, but I don't actually know what it is.

There's a lot of beautiful architecture here, as you would expect. I've seen Venetian style blinds on the outside of windows, not sure why or what for yet. There's free sangria at the hostel with the beautiful garden with the luxurious hammock but I'll just miss out on it. The weather is hot and the people are hotter. Seriously, I've not seen a single ugly Spanish person.
The feeling of being the heroine of a romance novel hasn't quite fizzled out yet. And I hope it never does!

This is Chapter One.

I guess the title of the book will be figured out in 10 months time!

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