Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cordobese Cuisine

Spain is famous for many different dishes around the world. From paella to churros, olives to oranges, there's plenty for the palette.

This region of Spain is particularly famous for it's olive oil. They are the largest producer accounting for 30% of the world's olive oil, 75% of which is produced here in Andalucia. They have it with everything, even in their cupcakes.

My first breakfast here, we had toast. I opted for margarine as there was no butter. But everyone else drizzled olive oil and a sprinkling of sugar. I had never thought of that combination before so the next morning that's what I had. Man, it was so delicious. I look forward to breakfast now just so I can have it again. Sometimes, I even have it for dinner. It's so good.

Dinner is usually a smaller lighter meal, as lunch is always the big one. It's later than we have it in England too - usually at 9:30pm. This schedule took absolutely no time at all to get used to. It was nice to have a big lunch and a small dinner as I never felt completely stuffed before I went to sleep.

The thing that I like to make the most is a cheese toastie. But of course, there's a Spanish twist.
The cheese is called Entrepinares Cheese, produced in Valladolid, Spain. It's a semi-cured mixture of cows, goat and sheeps milk.
With that there's a type of sausage that can only be bought in Murcia that doesn't have a special name. It's bright red and soft enough to spread.
The bread is, white. Standard.

Desserts are also pretty good here. One day Miriam presented me with this:

It's a mini Pastel Cordobés which is basically puff pastry filled with a pumpkin jam. Amazing.

And for something a bit more towards the strange there is blood sausage. A Spanish style black pudding.

Don't let the name deter you. It was delightful. I can't wait to have this again at some point. It might be called blood sausage but it doesn't taste like blood. It was fragrant and full of flavour. One little bruschetta was the perfect portion size. 
I can't compare it to black pudding as I've never tried it. Believe it or not, I've never had the guts. But after this, I would definitely try it!

There are lots of other things that I've tried since I've been here but didn't take a photo of. 

Like the family's rabbit rice. "The best rabbit rice in the world!" as quoted from everyone. It was delicious, delicately flavoured with herbs and spices which turned the rice yellow. It was also my first time eating rabbit. It didn't have a strong taste, but it was very tender.

A very famous dish here is gazpacho which is a cold veggie soup made with tomatoes, cucumbers and other things. The family make it often and it's the perfect refreshment for a hot sweaty day.
Special to Cordoba and this region of Spain is Salmorejo, which is a thick version of gazpacho often added to other things such as tortilla patatas or sometimes just dipped with bread, crisps and whatever else you can get your hands on! It's very popular in the house and cries of happiness are always heard when it's made. 

With so much delicious food and olive oil, I don't know how the women here stay so slim!

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